Q. The product I am looking at states 'pre-order' and displays a release date along with a pre-order deadline date, when will I get my item(s)?

A. A lot of the products we sell are advertised from Diamonds Previews catalogue which offers products normally 2 months in advance of release.

  • If you place your order before the pre-order deadline date.
    Then we would aim to ship your item on the day of its release. (release dates can be subject to change. In this instance we would inform you of any changes as soon as we can.)
  • If your order is placed after the pre-order deadline. 
    • If we have stock of the item, then it will ship within 24 hours (unless other delivery arrangements are in place) 
    • If we do not have stock then we will place an order with Diamond to fulfil this from their stock.


Q. How long does it take for you to get stock from Diamond?

A. This would depend on what Diamond has in stock and when the order is placed. 

  • If Diamond has stock and we place our order before 3pm on a Thursday. Then we would expect to receive that item(s) with our delivery the following week. Our delivery day from Diamond is currently every Tuesday.
  • If Diamond is out of stock, then they would place a 'back order'. In this instance they would look to pull stock from elsewhere in their network, which can be from their USA network or by placing new orders from the publishers themselves. In this instance Diamond do quote a 2-6 week lead time to fulfil these orders and they are not guaranteed to be fulfilled. 


Q. I want to place an order and the item is marked as 'pre-order' but there is no release date. When will I get my item(s)?

A. In this instance the release date for that item(s) has already passed. Once you place your order we will look to fulfil it from Diamonds stock. Please see the above question for more information on Diamond stock and delivery times. 


Q. I am looking for a particular item, but I cannot find it on your website, can you get it?

A. In this instance please get in touch at info@knowherecomics.co.uk we can check Diamonds stock database and see availability for all of their products. 


Q. Do you offer any incentives for subscribing to a comic series?

A. We have currently reviewed our pricing and now offer the same flat price across all our comics for all of our customers. We will now offer the following discount tiers for subscribers (these prices will appear on your subscription invoices)

  • 10% OFF when you subscribe to 5 or more titles.
  • 15% OFF when you subscribe to 10 or more titles.
  • 20% OFF when you subscribe to 15 or more titles.
  • 25% OFF when you subscribe to 20 or more titles. 

If you wish to start a subscription get in touch, subscriptions@knowherecomics.co.uk


Q. I have a subscription. How do your deliveries work?

A. When placing your order you will be given an option of weekly or monthly. If you select weekly, then any issues we have in stock for you will be shipped each week. If you select monthly, then all issues we have in stock for you will be shipped on the last Wednesday of each month. 

*Please note that if the items due to be shipped do not meet the £15 minimum for free delivery. Then a delivery charge will apply, this will be emailed to you with more information on what item(s) are ready to be sent to you. 


Q. I want to start a subscription for a series but I want earlier issues, which I can't find on your website. Are you able to get these?

A. In this instance either get in touch at subscriptions@knowherecomics.co.uk and we can create an invoice for the items you are after. Or, when placing an order leave any additional requests in the notes box at the checkout and we will get in touch. 


Q. Can I come and shop your glorious comics in person?

A. Unfortunately not. We are currently an online only comic book shop. Our long term plan would be to open up a physical shop, with your help I'm sure we can make that dream a reality! 


Q. Can I collect items or can they only be delivered?

A. As we are an online only shop and do not operate from a physical shop, we deliver all of our orders. However, if you do live local and want to save on shipping costs then get in touch at info@knowherecomics.co.uk and we can certainly work with you on that. 



If you have a question which isn't answered here. Please get in touch with us at info@knowherecomics.co.uk and we will do our best to answer it.